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Don’t Sleep On Danish Bread and Butter

complimentary bread at Fiskebaren (Copenhagen)

Prior to visiting Copenhagen, I was a French bread and butter enthusiast. It was the baguette or the boule with whatever French import I could get my hands on, like Buerre d’Isigny for example.  Of course, my allegiance to French bread and butter was due in part to flavor preference and the French bread and butter mystique. The French have undoubtedly perfected their carbohydrates and dairy products. Go onto the Chowhoud boards and Poilane purportedly makes the best bread in the world. The finest restaurants in the city import their butter from France.

So when I was in Copenhagen, I never expected to fall in love with Danish bread and Danish butter (and Danish bacon—but that’s a whole other blog). Fiskebaren in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking district served delicate earthy sourdough rye breads, a crusty boule in form but with Nordic characteristics. And the butter that came alongside: Creamy with perfect salt content and boasted a vibrant yellow hue. I was mostly impressed with the creaminess. Ok, it also came shaped like a teardrop and that was pretty dope too. Read more after the jump. Continue reading


loafing around the web

photo of the day

Thanks Miller. Good looking out. Now if only I can find that picture of a van filled with Bordier butter from Brittany! My newest obsession. Saveur executive food editor Todd Coleman tells me that the butter (which he was lucky enough to sample in France), does not exist here in the United States. And that the “seaweed one is sublime”. By the way peeps, he NEVER uses the word sublime. Must be pretty delicious.

Which leads me to beg the question: Is it the bread or the butter? Could butter so outrageously tasty mask the flat flavor and texture of a subpar bread? And vice versa? I need answers people. Answers.