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photo of the day

Thanks Miller. Good looking out. Now if only I can find that picture of a van filled with Bordier butter from Brittany! My newest obsession. Saveur executive food editor Todd Coleman tells me that the butter (which he was lucky enough to sample in France), does not exist here in the United States. And that the “seaweed one is sublime”. By the way peeps, he NEVER uses the word sublime. Must be pretty delicious.

Which leads me to beg the question: Is it the bread or the butter? Could butter so outrageously tasty mask the flat flavor and texture of a subpar bread? And vice versa? I need answers people. Answers.



One response to “loafing around the web

  1. I think that butter and bread are two of life’s simple pleasures, and when married together, it’s (dare I say) sublime. Just give me good bread and butter and I could dine (and die) happy.

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